“I Love To See Things Grow”

“I love to see things grow” I remember going to a day training for farmers many years ago. At the beginning of the training, everyone was asked to introduce themselves. People talked about who they were and how they had been farming for an impressive number of years, how big their farms were, how manyContinue reading ““I Love To See Things Grow””

HIKING, HEALING AND MENTAL HEALTH: (a broken heart & broken bones)

This photo was taken of me exactly 20 years ago on 28/03/2001. A few days after my 12th Birthday. It was also my mum and dad’s wedding anniversary. up until this point, the month of March was one I looked forward to. I remember as a kid, beginning the countdown to my birthday immediately afterContinue reading “HIKING, HEALING AND MENTAL HEALTH: (a broken heart & broken bones)”