About Us


To provide innovative world-class tourism products to local tourists.


Exploring the wild. Challenging you. Impacting communities, one adventure at a time.




  1. SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE – We encourage you to challenge yourself by steping into the unknown and trying something new.
  2. CULTURAL PRESERVATION – Our culture is our identity. We are proud of who we are and where we are coming from. It is our duty to pass on our culture from one generation to another.
  3. EXPLORATION OF HERITAGE – As with Culture, our Heritage is an important part of our past, it helps us make sense of our present and can help us inform our future.
  4. OUTDOOR EDUCATION – We believe that learning in the great outdoors encourages learners to step outside of their comfort zone and become more resilient.
  5. COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIPS – Partnerships are an integral part of our tourism vehicle. We provide both short and long-term opportunities for the local communities we partner with to deliver our products.
  6. TEAMWORK – The foundation of all our experiences. If you want to go fast, go alone. “If you want to go far go together” African Proverb
  7. ADVENTURE FOR CONSERVATION – We are drawn to wild places because of their beauty and biodiversity. It is our duty to support conservation efforts nationwide.
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