Mount Mumpu

Basic Tour Info

Tour Name: Mount Mumpu

Location: North Swaka Protected Forest Area

Distance: Day 1: travel day, day 2: 18km, day 3: 16km, day 4: travel day, total: 34km

Duration: Mumpu Climb: 14hrs, Fort Elwis Hike: 7hrs

Accessibility: Changwena base camp is only accessible with a high clearance vehicle.

Terrain: Hike to and from the base Mumpu and fort Elwes is Generaly flat walk through Miombo woodland.


Rating: 3 out of 5.

Standing proudly, Mount Mumpu is Zambia’s highest free standing mountain at nearly 2,000m. It is located in the North Swaka Protected Forest Area in Central Province, which is also the location of Changwena Falls and Fort Elwes.

A typical Itinerary is as follows:

Day 1 – Travel to Mkushi and set up camp in the forest.

Day 2 – Mount Mumpu Climb

Day 3 – Optional Hike to Fort Elwes. Or Chill and swill at Changwena Falls

Day 4 – Travel Back to Lusaka.

Click here to read more about mount Mumpu in my most recent trip there last year.

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Mount Mumpu Camp
  • Price Inclusive of transport, guided hiking tours,
  • & 4 lunches, 3 breakfasts & 3 supper,
  • and all camping equipment.
  • *Prices & Itineraries are subject
  • to change without prior notice.

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