“I Love To See Things Grow”

“I love to see things grow” I remember going to a day training for farmers many years ago. At the beginning of the training, everyone was asked to introduce themselves. People talked about who they were and how they had been farming for an impressive number of years, how big their farms were, how many hectares of maize and or soya beans they were going to plant that year. I was inspired by these big-time farmers! But I was humbled by one introduction in particular. An elderly man, humble and soft-spoken stood up, said his name, and added… “and I love to see things grow”… then he sat down. That was his passion that was his drive, that was his motivation. And that’s what kept him going through the wild bush fires and through the drought. A few years ago I planted four or five mango seeds and a few avocados. It’s was a long, difficult, and demanding process, however, after all that, my germinated and begun to grow.

This process made me realise, that I too LOVE TO SEE THINGS GROW. But not only avocados and mangoes… I also have a passion to see people grow. I love to see young people grow and develop and reach their full potential. I love to see adults push themselves outside of their comfort zones and overcome the challenges of everyday life. So next time you see me climbing a mountain, or canoeing down a river, pushing and challenging people and you think to yourself, why on earth does he do that? My answer is simple…

“I love to see things grow”

What is it that you do? What drives you? What is your passion? Let me know in the comments below.

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